People often ask us: “Why is fluorescent lighting still being offered as workplace lighting in dental practices and treatment rooms, even though LED has been readily available for years?”

The reason for this is that LED’s light spectrum could not yet match the full spectrum daylight of fluorescent tubes as LED researchers’ main goal was to reduce energy consumption. You might have noticed the use of LED light being limited to less demanding surroundings such as parking garages, outdoor lighting or hallways. Neither did led technology allow for colour temperatures of 5500-5800 Kelvin, without composites hardening immediately, being flicker free, having a colourfastness of 93+ CRI/Ra nor to be anti-glare.

Dental Lighthouse began applying a new type of LED in its luminaires from 2018, which fulfils all characteristics mentioned afore. The final results are even better than those of full spectrum daylight fluorescent lights. Now in 2019, after a long period of testing, Dental Lighthouse proudly presents the new and improved Dentled lighting line. This collection consists of recessed LED panels, surface-mounted, pendant fixtures in u-shape, light row or mono and of course made-to-measure. We offer a solution for every type of treatment room, measurement, budget and personal preference.

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Dentled’s unique characteristics:

  • complies with all requirements for workplace lighting standard NEN – EN 12464-1 “precision work with fine details”

  • meets the specified 2000 lux illuminance at your workplace (headrest of the treatment chair in treatment position)

  • heat emission close to zero

  • ideal light for personnel routing in a dental practice

  • the use of flicker-free drivers, less strenuous for the eyes by avoiding 50 hz flickering of the light source

  • properties that cause less eye fatigue

  • no unpleasant glares thanks to UGR >19

  • high light output without glare for either patient or practitioner

  • we can implement 5 years of warranty due to the high-grade fabrication and our high-quality components

  • life expectancy: 50,000 hours

  • suitable as a replacement for standard fluorescent luminaires in suspended ceilings

  • possible to mount on or suspend from concrete ceilings

  • available (standard) dimensions: 595x595mm / 1195x295mm and custom fabrications

  • Lm/w ratio: 110-130

  • equipped with flicker-free drivers

  • colour temperatures: 5500-5800 kelvin (soft) daylight

  • a high RA value of 93.5 allowing for an unblemished colour determination


Because proper workplace lighting is crucial for optimal performance, we would like to offer you the opportunity to experience Dentled in your practice by means of a demo. This way you can make a comparison with your current situation and make a well-considered choice. After all, you have to experience light in person.