There are different types of Dentled workplace luminaries in both standard sizes and custom made. In addition to our custom made fixtures that are suspended from steel wire so that they provide both direct and indirect light, we also offer Dentled as LED panels that can be embedded in a suspended ceiling. In the case of fixed ceilings, it is possible to install them using a surface-mounted frame.

Below you will find a number of possible configurations, depending on the size and colour composition of a room, the position of an operation lamp and personal preference.

All full spectrum daylight LED luminaires are solely fitted with high-quality components from leading brands such as Philips. They come standard with a CRI/ RA value of 95+, flicker-free drivers and a 5-year warranty.

To achieve the required lux (brightness at operating height) based on the applicable guidelines for dental treatment rooms as indicated in the diagram below, you can choose from one of the listed configurations. They will guarantee a minimum of 2000 lux at the headrest with the chair in treatment position and a gradual transition to the other parts of the room.

For a gradual transition of brightness and light colour from treatment room to hallway and sterilisation room, we recommend installing Dentled for all staff areas.

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In addition to the applications listed above, we would be more than happy to help you if your practice has differing dimensions. For specific wishes and customisation we are keen to present the various possibilities to you. Click here to view a number of our reference practices.