Dental technician and prosthodontist

The right lighting increases your productivity, contributes to the health of you and your employees and thus creates a pleasant working environment. For optimal workplace lighting of a dental technician or prosthodontist, one should assume a Lux value of at least 1600 at the workbench. The ambient light should be approx. 800 Lux. As colour determination is of great importance, a CRI or RA value of 90+ can be considered the minimum.

It is possible to install light row fixtures which are each custom made at our factory above the workbench of a dental technician or prosthodontist. In the colour determination room the same type of luminaires can be used. All fixtures are fitted with high-quality components from premium brands such as Meanwell and Philips and are standard equipped with full spectrum daylight Dentled.

Made-to-measure Dentled luminaires unique features are:

  • comply with the lighting standard EN 12464-1 (CIBSE Code for lighting) applicable to “Precision work with fine details”
  • a minimum light output of the prescribed 800-1300 lux at your workplace
  • the use of Dentled in combination with flicker-free drivers
  • excellent light distribution thanks to direct and indirect lighting
  • properties that cause less eye fatigue
  • 5 year warranty
  • available in a Ral colour of your choice, standard in grey with sand structure
  • makes for an optimal colour determination
  • a perfect combination of functionality and design
  • high-end workmanship and quality
  • use of components from premium brands only: Meanwell and Philips
  • available with working and standard mode for additional energy savings
  • easy installation
  • suspended from wire cables
  • can be suspended from existing fluorescent light mounting points
  • also available with different coloured light for reception or waiting room