Dentled treatment room K (oral surgeon)

Treatment and operation rooms for oral surgery demand more lux (illuminance) than dentist’s treatment rooms. This is because the surgical lamps of a dental surgeon (e.g. Dr. Mach) generate considerably more light than those of a dentist. A dental surgeon often works with 30,000-100,000 lux. We therefore recommend 3000-4000 lux for ambient lighting.

For a bright treatment room of about 20-25 square meters with a height of 2.4-2.6 meters we recommend the installation of eight to ten 50 Watt Dentled daylight panels.

The daylight panels are placed in the suspended ceiling as a U-shape or light row arrangement around the treatment chair. Hanging light rows or U-shape are not recommended for hygienic reasons.

– Dimensions: 595×595 & 1195×295 (standard European suspended ceiling measurements, except Germany)