Dental surgery Lichtenvoorde Lighting update

Specialist Leon Verhagen requested dentallighthouse to install Dentled workfield LED lighting in the treatment rooms and routing in his dental clinic to improve working conditions, lower energy consumption and update the lighting in his clinic to the latest LED lighting for dental workplaces.

Dentled uses the highest quality LEDs with RA value of 97+ for your colour determination and No negative influence on curing of composite and or glue, UGR<19, 5200K and 42-60W adjustable flicker free drivers (Dali 2). For more information of the specifications please contact us. DL120 Full spectrum daylight LED panel for better work. Dentled LEDs are perfectly tailored to the interior, the lighting standards and the workspace of dentists, dental technicians and orthodontists. 

Dental clinic Verhagen treatment room LED light Dentled 120
DL120 Full spectrum daylight led panel for dental clinics

Why is work light important and what are symptoms of incorrect work field lighting

Often when the work field lighting is not providing enough light to you and your team can get the following symptoms. Common complaints as a result of incorrect work field lighting: burning eyes, fatigue, concentration problems, unable to determine color well and poor contrast display.

DL120 Full spectrum daylight led panel for dental clinics
Dental clinic verhagen routing LED light Dentled DL60 -v1

Two reasons 

Besides improving working conditions, investing in good lighting is lowering the energy consumption in your clinic and improving the lighting will make your clinic look much better. Maintenance costs will also go down because LEDs will efficiently work longer than fluorescent light solutions. 



Products: DL120 for treatmenrooms and DL60 for routing