Centre for Periodontology renovation

For the furnishing of the new treatment rooms on the first floor, Henry Schein advised installing Dentled full-spectrum daylight DL60 LED panels. After a demonstration on location, the practice owners decided to equip the other treatment rooms and complete staff routing on the ground floor and basement with Dentled full-spectrum daylight DL60 LED panels in addition to the first floor. This guarantees a gradual transition of color temperature and light intensity within the practice. The waiting room, back office, sterilisation room and counter are also equipped with Dentled.

Dr Mach – Dentled

Because the practice works with Dr. mach examination lamps where the light intensity is considerably higher than with many dental lamps (c.c. 30,000-80,000 Lux), the ambient light is now adjusted to 2400 – 3000 lux around the mouth (1 meter) Exactly the same color temperature is guaranteed to match the Dr Mach lamps. In a few weeks we will evaluate with the relevant practitioners whether the setting is satisfactory and, if desired, we can adjust the intensity based on personal preferences.

Energy saving

The new high-quality LED lighting and drivers in practice are energy-efficient and provide at least double the brightness. The Dentled full spectrum daylight lamps also have an extremely long lifespan of 70,000-80,000 hours. This means that the intensity within these burning hours will not decrease by more than 20% (approximately 13-17 years). For comparison; a fluorescent tube often has this within two years.

After this period, the drivers can be manually set to a higher setting so that the return in Lumen can be compensated and the lux value of 2400-3000 is guaranteed.

We wish the Periodontology Practice Zwolle team a lot of fun at work and thank them for the trust! We will soon update this post with more photo’s from the renovated rooms.

Paro Zwolle – https://paroppraktijkzwolle.nl/

Henry Schein – https://www.henryschein.nl/

The Interior Builders- https://www.deinterieurbouwers.nl/