Dentled fitted full spectrum daylight LED panel – 5500/5700 Kelvin – 57 Watt

  • Dentled full spectrum daylight panels are fitted with the highest quality LEDs “50,000 light hours guaranteed”.
  • Executed in daylight colour with an RA value of 95+ which is ideal for colour determination and makes you feel more comfortable.
  • Properties that cause less eye fatigue.
  • A minimum light output of the recommended 2000 Lux at your workplace (headrest of treatment chair in treatment position).
  • Thanks to the high RA value the patient is not hindered in looking straight at the panel.
  • Dentled is supplied with flicker-free drivers, which reduce the strain on your eyes. Standard LED lighting is driven with 50hz. This is perceivable (flickers) when pointing a mobile phone in camera function at the panel. Our eyes perceive these flickers (unconsciously).
  • For a treatment room from 16-18 square meters six 57 Watt LED panels will result in the desirable 2000 Lux at the workbench.
  • available in 600×600 and 625×625 mm for Germany
  • made in Europa and designed in the Netherlands
  • View Dentled treatment room M

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