PHL LED Luminaires for dental treatment rooms

Thaler team dental clinic contacted us for the two new dental treatment rooms which were under construction and the lighting solutions was not decided yet.  

We advised with high working quality full spectrum daylight LED light in the two treatment rooms. We provided the dialux calculations report for the two rooms and the PHL full spectrum daylight direct/indirect luminaire have been installed to replace the lighting which was currently in the two rooms.

The seven days deadline was no problem because we have most LED lighting solutions available from our warehouse. You can see the lighting installation before ( old LED panels) and after with the PHL full spectrum daylight solution.

If you have any questions regarding the products, dialux reports or other questions please contact us. email us at 

Dentled Treatment room lighting for dental clinics
LED dialux calculation for treatment room lighting


Thaler Team Dental: THALER DENTAL 

Products: PHL Full spectrum daylight solution 

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