PHL full spectrum daylight LED Luminaire for dental treatment rooms

DENTLED PH Full Spectrum daylight LED fixtures are made for the specific workplace light requirements dentists have for treatment rooms, routing and the sterilization room. The PH Full Spectrum daylight LED fixtures key benefits are

  • no negative influence on curing of composite and or glue thanks to the full spectrum daylight at 2000 lux 
  • a high RA value of 93.5 allowing for an unblemished color determination and UGR <19 avoids unpleasant glares
  • meets the specified minimum of 2000 lux illuminance at your workplace (headrest of the treatment chair in treatment position)
  • energy efficient and optimal light distribution thanks to direct and indirect lighting
  • the use of flicker-free drivers, less strenuous for the eyes by avoiding the 50hz flickering of the light source
  • 9500 Lumen per fixture, Up: 2850 Lumen / Down: 5700 Lumen – 5500-5700 Kelvin
  • standard size mono: Length 1405mm – Width: 51mm – High: 81mm

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