White Line LED panel 600×600 49-5500K with Full spectrum daylight

  • The White Line Luminaires have been developed in the Netherlands specially for the dental and medical working environment and are equipped with high quality Philips LEDs: “50,000 light hours guaranteed”
  • Meets the specified minimum of 2000 lux illuminance at your workplace with six panels installed (headrest of the treatment chair in treatment position).
  • A high RA value of 93.5 allowing for an unblemished colour determination
  • Due to the high-quality prismatic diffuser, the glare of this luminaire is kept at a minimum and will feel make you feel more comfortable in full spectrum daylight. The metal housings are solid, strong and long-lasting.
  • Equipped with flicker-free drivers the light of our fixtures is less strenuous for your eyes. Standard LED lighting is driven at 50 Hertz. This flickering is noticeable, by pointing the camera of your mobile phone at a LED panel. Our eyes (unconsciously) perceive these flickers and we get more tired by having to compensate for them.

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Request a free layout scan: We guess you are researching a light solution for your new or current clinic. If you are interested we will create a free floor plan scan (see example) including a Dentled Full spectrum daylight solution for you to see you how we can help. Just email us at: info@dentallighthouse.eu

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