Full spectrum daylight LED panels throughout the dental clinic

Dental clinic Beukenlaan Soest recently made a significant upgrade to their lighting system by installing new full spectrum daylight LED panels throughout the dental clinic( DL60 Dentled) and removing their older, first generation LED panels in the 10 Dental treatment rooms. Replacing the lighting in the dental clinic has greatly improved the work environment for the dentists and staff, and the atmosphere for patients.

One of the most noticeable differences is the quality of light in the dental treatment rooms. The new full spectrum daylight LED panels provide a bright, natural light, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. This not only improves the overall patient experience but also helps the dentist to see more clearly, resulting in more accurate and efficient treatment.

Dentled Full spectrum daylight surgary lighting LED
Dental clinic replaced first generation LED for Dentled full spectrum lighting

The upgrade also has an environmental benefit as the new Dentled DL60 LED panels consume less energy and have a longer lifespan than the older LED panels. This allows the clinic to reduce their environmental footprint and save on energy costs. Overall, the dental clinic’s decision to upgrade their lighting system with new full spectrum daylight LED panels was a smart move that has greatly benefited both patients and dentists. 

Dental Clinic: https://www.beukenlaan.nl/

Product: Link: https://www.dentallighthouse.eu/product/full-spectrum-daylight-led-panel-for-dental-clinics/

Dental treatment room lights

There are several reasons why upgrading to LED lighting in a dental clinic can be beneficial:

Improved Visibility: LED lights provide brighter, more natural light than traditional lights, making it easier for dentists to see and work on patients’ teeth. This can lead to more accurate and efficient treatments. (High CRI 90-97 / 5000-5200K+ / UGR<19 / Flicker Free Drivers )

Enhanced Patient Experience: LED lights create a more welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, which can help to reduce patients’ anxiety and make their visit to the clinic more pleasant.

Energy Efficiency: LED lights consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, which can help to reduce energy costs and lower the clinic’s environmental footprint.

Longer Lifespan: LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional incandescent bulbs, which means less frequent replacement and maintenance costs. ( Dentled up to 80.000 hours )

Color Temperature: LED lights can be adjusted to different color temperatures, which can provide the perfect lighting for different task, like clinical examination, oral surgery or cosmetic dentistry. (RA value of 97+ for colour determination and No negative influence on curing of composite and or glue) 

Reducing glare: LED lights can be designed to reduce glare and shadows, which can increase the comfort for both patients and staff. ( UGR <19 avoids unpleasant glares ) 

Cost-effective: Although the initial cost to upgrade to LED lighting may be higher, the long-term cost savings in terms of energy and maintenance can make it a cost-effective decision in the long run.